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    1. 24H Hotline:

      15019294322 Mr. Xia

      JinDongLi Intelligent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing and sales services. Its main products include SMD peripheral equipment (such as: automatic inductance measuring machine, simple induction measuring machine, semi-automatic tape). Machine, automatic IC measuring and charting machine, automatic inductor winding coating machine, automatic inductor winding soldering machine, high-speed inductor measuring machine, fully automatic integrated inductor line, peel strength tester, SMD electronic packaging materials, etc. And to undertake SMD electronic components tape packaging processing business.
      JinDongLi people adhere to the "customer first, service first, technology pioneer, integrity-based" purpose, adhere to the "all customer-centric, quality first, service win" business philosophy. 

      Product Center


      JDL4Big advantage
      Choose Our Reason
      Excellent R&D design team


      • Have a perfect incentive mechanism for technology research and development
      • Core R&D technicians are long-term partners of the company
      • Taking top self-automation technologies such as Germany and Japan as benchmarks
      • Non-standard and high-end user needs are directly docked by core R&D technicians
      Personalized Customization


      • Mass customization production based on information technology;
      • Encourage customers to develop customized and flexible production;
      • Help users to achieve flexible production, quickly meet the needs of personalized and diversified market;
      • Simulate the scene environment and accurately reproduce the scene working conditions.
      Excellent value for money


      • Imported products are used in all pneumatic components.
      • Guarantee product quality and life, standard non-standard automation equipment to achieve delivery on the same day;
      • Customization of R&D and design of non-standard automation equipment;
      • The product can achieve 100% delivery.
      Product Lifecycle Service Support


      • From spare parts, equipment maintenance, remote service, training, maintenance and evolution upgrade support;
      • Product life cycle service support;
      • Resource management value-added services;
      • Provide customers with mature experience for reference.

      Cooperation Partner

      • Tel:0755-29370100/29370900/28136164/28136152
      • Fax:0755-29370700
      • Email:jdlsz_andy@163.com
      • URL:www.jj1bb.com
      • Dedicated Line:15019294322 Mr. Xia  15013806825 Mr. Chen
      • Address: Building B, Nanjiang Industrial Park, Luohua Fan Road, Dayangtan, Longhua District, Shenzhen
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